Do not in China

Do not in China

Watch as a gift?
For us a watch is a nice gift, but never give someone in China a watch. It means something like: I wish someone’s death soon.

Bag on the ground?
Do not place any bag on the ground if you really don’t need to. The ground is often dirty but moreover Chinese people believe that they will lost their wallet if the bag is on the ground.

White flowers?
White is an unlucky color, still white lilies are popular with brides.

Politics is still a difficult subject. Chinese are nowadays a little bit more free to express their opinions but they do expect respect for their way of thinking.

How to eat fish?
If you eat a fish you may not turn it around to make it easier to eat. The following boot you take will then capsize!

Drinking tea?
If you are walking on the street and beautiful ladies ask you to drink tea in their restaurant, beware! Certain teas are very expensive. The account was in some cases € 100,- and that for a cup of tea. You’ve been warned!